Transfer Carts

Industrial transfer carts are transfer carts with a carrying capacity from 3 tons to 1000 tons.

YEKTAMAK’s transfer carts provide system solutions that can respond to all requests from 3 Tons to 150 tons as customer-oriented.

Major characteristic distinguishing the transfer carts is their power supply systems. They are separated into contactless carrier, battery powered transfer cart, cable drum carrier, mobile carrier, busbar carrier based on the system differences.

Our products are design and produced by accordance with:

  • EN standards,

  • CE directives,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

TA.100TA.75 TA.50 TA.40 TA.30 TA.20 TA.15 TA.10 TA.5 MODEL
100,00075,00050,00040,00030,00020,00015,00010,0005,000 Load Capacity (kg)
3,3003,3003,3003,3003,3003,3003,3003,3003,300LLength (mm)
1,7501,7501,750r 1.750 1,7501,7501,7501,7501,750WWidth (mm)
 800 800 800 800800 800 800 800 800HHeight (mm)
1,6501,6501,6501,6501,6501,6501,6501,6501,650Platform Width (mm)
2,5002,5002.500  2,5002,5002,5002,5002,5002,500BPlatform Length (mm)
1,5001,5001,5001,5001,5001,5001,5001,5001,500Rail Axis (mm)
13,2,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,6002,600DWheel Base (mm)
1010101515202025  Nominal Speed (filmin)
5,504,00 3,00 2,20 1,50 1,50 1,10 0,75 0,55  Motor Power (kW)
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