Special Transfer Carts

Special transfer carts are vehicles that can carry all workpieces in the industrial area weighing up to 1000 tons.

Specially designed transfer carts primarily support a safe production process. Transferring parts and finished products, which cannot be transported by human power, within the facility is one of the most important stages in production efficiency. Transporting heavy parts in a practical, ergonomic and most importantly safe manner will both speed up the production process and increase production efficiency.

Special transfer carts can transport workpieces weighing up to 1000 tons. These transfer carts, specially designed for the needs of each production facility, are models with high maneuverability. Thus, with its maneuvering ability, it offers a very practical usage opportunity in every facility it is used. At the same time, it brings safe operation for the operators with its automatic and manual control features. With their load capacity of up to 1000 tons, special transfer carts, which can work synchronously for larger loads, safely transport all production parts and products.