Rollforming machine; they are mass production machines that enable the sheet metal to be brought into the desired form by means of roll molds.

Rollform machines; It works in line with uncoiler and servo driver. All systems on the line are selected according to needs. For example, uncoilers are divided into hydraulic and mechanical uncoilers according to the type and weight of the load. Mechanical roll angles are preferred for weights up to 4 tons, while hydraulic uncoilers are preferred for higher weights. The sheet unrolled by the uncoiler is transmitted to the roll form by the driver and the production process continues in this way. If necessary, the driver can be selected in different types such as rectified or caseless.

Advantages of Roll Form

  • It saves labor.

  • It increases both production quality and production speed.

  • It provides the opportunity to produce works with low cost and the same quality.

  • It helps you reach high production volume.

  • The lengths of the cuts produced are equal.

  • Thus, the assembly of the modules is done without problems. Rollform ensures the same production in the desired cross-section, even in the narrowest tolerances.