Overhead Type Height Safety

Overhead Type Height Safety are systems produced to minimize the risk of accidents caused by working at height.

The occupational groups for which the risk and danger are sought to be reduced are the occupational groups who work at high levels. Main causes of the industrial accidents are inappropriate working conditions. One of seven accidents resulting in death is the result of a fall from high. Pursuant to the European laws, the workplace owner or the responsible manager is responsible for safety of each employee and must take countermeasures. Therefore, YEKTAMAK performs the risk assessment from quality to functionality of the materials that will be used. Systems manufactured by YEKTAMAK differ from each other in terms of design and application techniques. Functions, safety characteristics and ease of use of these systems should be taken into consideration while making a choice.

Overhead Type Lifelines are in compliance with the terms of OSH and MEY, CE certified and manufactured by YEKTAMAK.

Our products are design and produced by accordance with:

  • EN standards,

  • CE directives,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.