Column Boom Systems

Column-Boom Systems; It is produced to provide ergonomics in welded joining processes and to reach inaccessible areas in the welds of large parts.

Column-Boom Systems are manufactured in order to provide ergonomics at welded connection operations, access to the areas which are not accessible on welding of the large parts and perform welding with minimum fault.

The Column-Boom Systems approach to the most suitable area on the part in order to perform necessary welding operation under supervision of the operator and execute the welding process. YEKTAMAK offers system solutions that can duly meet all requests of the customers.

Our products are design and produced by accordance with:

  • EN standards,

  • CE directives,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Standard Specifications

Optional Specifications                                                                                                                    

 359° Rotating column (Manuel)

 Central control panel

 Mobile wired remote control

 Laser tracking system


 Camera monitoring system

 V-type slide system designed for spaceless operation

 Synchronized operation system with the rotator (along with the Central Control Panel)

 Adjustable linear Bom speed

 Walking trail (rail system)

 Boom speed digital display

 Operator seat (with the stairs option)

 Selection of the boom speed (fast/slow)

 Dust drier system (only SAW)

 Mechanical lock system against the boom fall

 359 ° Rotating column (motorized)

 Boom counterweight system (Elevator)

 Torch t-square

 Limit switch at all moves

 Mobile console

 Welding power unit stand (on column)

 Automation system

 Motors with brake and compulsory fan cooler

 Insulation according to the operating conditions

 Cable channels on column-boom

 Manual controlled torch guidance system

 Stationary System

 Mechanic tracking system


 Joystick torch guidance system


 Oscillator (only for Mig)


 Heavy welded wire hanger group (behind the boom)




 Double head welding system


 Mobile system

Kolon Bom Sistemleri
200300300450500600150200250300GMax Yük Kapasitesi (kg)
Max Load Capasity (kg)
110011001000100010001000780780780780Hmin Bom Altı Min. Yükseklik (mm) Min. Height Under Boom (mm)
9000900060005000400030006080508040803080Hmax Bom Altı Max. Yükseklik (mm) Max. Height Under Boom (mm)
HToplam Yükseklik (mm) Overal Height (mm)
850850830830830830405405405405Bmin Min Bom Mesafesi (mm) Boom Reach (mm)
9000600060005000400030006000500040003000BmaxMax. Bom Mesafesi (mm) Boom Reach (mm)
24202420242024201490149016551655116551490Ray Eksen Aralıkları (mm) Rail Axis Range (mm)
2000200020002000200020002000200020002000 Asansör Hızı Yukarı - Aşağı (mm/dk) Elevation Speed Up - Down (mm/min)
200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000 200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000200 - 2000  Yatay Bom Hareket Hızı (mm/dk) Boom Travers Speed (mmımin)
2000200020002000200020002000200020002000 Travers Hızı Sağa - Sola (mm/dk) Travers Speed Left - Right (mm/min)
360360360360360360360360360360 Kolon Dönme Açısı (`) Column Rotation (°)
0,550,550,550,55 0,550,550,55 0,550,550,55  Asansör Hareket Motoru (kW) Elevator Motor Power (kW)
0,370,370,37 0,37 0,370,37 0,37 0,37 İ0,370,37  Bom ve Travers Hareket Motoru (kW) Boom & Travers Motor Power (kW)
9350865073507000670064004100385036503450 Ağırlık (kg) Weight (kg)