Chain Rotation

The purpose of Chain Rotation Systems is the rotation and positioning of planar section parts.

Purpose of the Chain Rotator Systems is to rotate and position the planar sections. A desired welding corner can be formed by means of a proper positioning to the rotating part on an infinite chain. It is possible to adjust height of the part located on the machine. This situation provides a great convenience for the operator during the welding process. Both units forming the set of the chain rotators are driven and these two units can be operated either synchronized or independent from each other. Thus, allows the angular height of the workpiece to be adjusted.

YEKTAMAK offers system solutions that can duly meet all requests of the customers.

Our products are design and produced by accordance with:

  • EN standards,

  • CE directives,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Standard Specifications

   5-meter wired remote control

   Automatic shutdown of the chain arms when the part is loaded

   Robust chain gear structure

   Auto-blocking reduction gears

   Motors with brake and compulsory fan cooler