We Installed Shipyard Panel Manufacturing Line

We Installed Shipyard Panel Manufacturing Line

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At Yektamak Machine and Engineering, we continue to produce the shipyard projects that our customers need with our competent engineers and experienced personnel. As a result of our partnership with Kuzeystar Shipyard, we have successfully set up a shipyard panel manufacturing line at the Yalova Shipyard. We are proud to add another solution that we have developed for our customers.

Our panel manufacturing line project, which has a length of 155 meters, is the longest ship panel welding line in Turkey. The line has a 40-ton transfer and rotation capacity and can perform rotation operations between 0-180 degrees in 6 minutes. The machines are located and activated with a thickness of 700 mm, a length of 12 meters and a width of 8 meters. The user-friendly operator panel can be easily learned and used by personnel without the need for additional external services.

With the conveyor and transfer systems we have designed;

  • Your operation time decreases,

  • Your costs decrease,

  • The risk of accidents decreases,

  • Production capacity increases,

  • Efficiency increases.