Fixture Design and Manufacture

Fixtures can become an inevitable need for very important reasons, such as standardizing product quality, increasing production capacity. YEKTAMAK, with its personnel who have up to 35 years of industry experience ;

Determines the various manufacturing fixture needs of its customers, such as welding fixtures, mounting fixtures,

Realizes their designs,

Verifies designs with computer-aided simulations,

Performs the production of the desired quality standards,

It performs its tests and delivers them to you safely,

After delivery, technical support for the product will meet your needs.

Welding Fixtures

Welding fixtures; are mass production systems that speed up welding processes and standardize quality in many sectors, especially in the automotive, automotive sub-industry and durable consumer goods sectors.

  • Spot Welding Fixtures

  • Gas Submerged Welding Fixtures

  • Laser Welding Fixtures

  • Argon Welding Fixtures

Assembly Fixtures

Assembly fixtures are systems used to shorten repetitive operation processes and standardize production quality. With these systems, process processes are shortened, efficiency is increased, and errors that may occur in the production process are minimized.